Podcast Intro


We get it! Starting a podcast can be overwhelming at times.

Let us lighten the load by handling your ENTIRE intro!

We’ll write, voice, and produce your podcast intro so you can focus on the fun part.  Like what you’re actually going to say to the world!


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    3. Get your fancy new podcast intro within 1 business day!


Q: I only hear 1 voice in the demo. Is that the only option?
A: Yes. Every handoff in the intro creation process takes time.  Ian will handle everything from finalizing the script, to mastering your final mix. this way your intro gets done in hours (not weeks).

Q: Do I need to purchase music for this intro?
A: If you let us choose a track from the Soundsquatch library, your music is included in the price. If you’d like to buy the rights to a song from another library, you’ll need to purchase that license separately.

Q: How many revisions do I get?
A: We try to get on the same page as our customers before we start doing the work. Because of this, most people do not need any revisions. However, rest assured we’ll get you an intro you’ll LOVE at no additional charge if you need to tweak something.

Q: What if I already have a script?
A: Great! We simply offer copywriting help because we know writing can be a sticking point for some people. If you already have a script, we’re raring to go!

Q: Gosh this all sounds great, can I get started today?
A: We thought you’d never ask 🙂  Scroll on up to the top of this page and let’s do this!